Welcome back, Connie Sloan!

March 2019
After taking a brief step away from her Tuthill role, Connie Sloan returns to the culture she loves full of aliveness, clarity, and appreciation.

Anyone who has visited Tuthill in Springfield, MO has more than likely been touched by Connie Sloan. Connie has a tremendous personality, backed by a big heart and even bigger laughter. In January 2019, we were sad to see her step away from the Tuthill team. In March 2019, we are thrilled to share her comeback story!

In the Beginning

Connie began her career with Tuthill in July 2007 as an accounts payable clerk. Within 18 months, she transitioned to the position of Staff Accountant as she continued with her degree program. Her devotion to continued learning and stretching for higher goals drove her to enjoy balancing her career and education. Even today, Connie appreciates having a lot on her plate. As she reflects on this time in her life, she admits that maybe it was almost too much.  Connie had two children in high school, and all of those high school activities that come along! But Connie knew that this was the chosen path taken to make the most of her professional life. Tuthill kept opening more doors for her, and Connie was ready to take a big step forward each time. In 2009, Connie’s role changed to Accounting Manager as her responsibilities grew to include financial planning and analytics, month end closing, preparation of the annual budget and forecast, and creating the processes to support the achievement of these functions in an accurate and efficient manner. 

The Tuthill Journey

Connie looks back on her time at Tuthill with a growing sense of pride in what she has experienced and helped create. Tuthill’s Radical Leadership offering has taught Connie how to be clear in what she wants and how to work towards her goals. These tools gave her the confidence to take her space and let her voice, her ideas, be heard and be realized. RL has allowed Connie to focus on her strengths for continued success and her weaknesses for areas of growth.

Connie has been on the Tuthill journey long enough to see real progress. She has experienced the leadership team become more in alignment with the journey by setting clear direction and goals. She knows exactly what is expected of her to belay the climb and how to empower her team to be impactful.

Stepping Away from Tuthill

In January 2019, Connie took a chance and stepped outside of her comfort zone. She wanted to test if the tools that had helped her grow through the years could be put to use within a new role at a different company. Within weeks of joining a new team, Connie knew that she made a mistake leaving Tuthill. She found herself just going through the motions each day of getting up, going to work, and coming home. She wasn’t living, stretching and growing within this new role. She felt she had no purpose within a company culture that was numbing. Connie had hoped that bringing her aliveness and her skills to this new environment would allow her to implement processes that would drive improvement. She was wrong and she knew should could not stay.

Embracing Her Courage

Connie needed to follow her heart and reached out to Tuthill. She called Andy Tuthill on a rather inclement February afternoon. While Andy was happy to hear from Connie, he explained that he was monitoring the freezing rain conditions out of concern for his team and their safety returning home – actually considering a halt in production, putting employees first. That was a “wow” moment for Connie. She knew her current employer would always put production and profit first.

Connie was able to share her regret in leaving the Tuthill team with Andy and the two of them made plans to talk further. Andy thanked Connie for having the courage to call him. He was genuinely supportive in helping Connie get back to being herself, being full of aliveness, being back on the journey. Connie described their face-to-face meeting as being similar to sitting down with an old friend. The two of them spoke about what factors drove Connie to seek change, and gained clarity in the type of growth Connie wanted in her career. She saw her personal journey come to life once again. The drive to pump her heart into everything she did had not left Connie, but unfortunately within other company cultures, even though we try to have an impact, many leaders are not in tune to having purpose and instead just measure success of a company on profitability alone.


Connie returned to Tuthill on March 18. As she walked through that front door, she felt nervous as she didn’t know how team members would react to her return. Connie was welcomed with open arms and her homecoming was sweeter than she could have imagined!

Returning to her desk was like hopping back onto a bike. She noticed a few new faces around the office. She was excited to see their foundation— their Strategic Intent team— had all of the seats filled. Connie felt the confidence and assurance of returning to strong Policy Deployment goals that will stretch the team to new heights. She felt the “vibe” again settling back into her role. She felt a team full of energy and aliveness, striving to have a “Wow!” year. Connie is back in her groove, back in a culture that allows continuous growth, and most importantly back with the team she calls “family.” Welcome back, Connie!