Clay Davis, Ecommerce RSM explains how Tuthill’s market change helped form a new ecommerce role. 

Date Joined:

September 2015

Previous Position

In 2015, Clay started with Tuthill in Product Management working with different product lines and gaining understanding of Tuthill’s internal processes.


The Journey Begins

In 2017, Clay was assigned to take over the Amazon account. He initially found it daunting however this is where, if you ask Clay, the saying “when life gives you lemons you make lemonade” rings true! Clay says his role evolved from tactical to tactical and strategic. His passion for his work increased dramatically as he was spending a lot of time researching Tuthill’s current distribution processes and the ecommerce market.



Through his research, Clay put together a 54-page report that he presented to the management team regarding the state of the company’s ecommerce situation. He was able to point out areas that needed improvement and explained ways to fix them, giving customers a better experience with Tuthill.



As a result, a “Customer Experience Initiative” was launched and through this collaboration a “Voice of the Customer” program was put in place. This allowed the team to better identify products that customers really need. Additionally, Tuthill’s ecommerce team started aggressively choosing which distribution channels to sell through. Within the first year, business increased dramatically. Some specific milestones that Clay attributes to the progress is that Tuthill became better at adapting its systems to meet customer demand. This paradigm shift along with the fact that Tuthill has been adding resources and investing in the ecommerce infrastructure can also be attributed to the department’s success.


What the Future Holds

Clay says, “The future of ecommerce is bright!” He says, he’s excited about the future because the landscape is changing and for Clay that means “The opportunity to: take market share, get to know the customer better, improve internal systems, and share who we are as a company with the whole world.”


Biggest Challenge

Clay says, “The biggest challenge is keeping up with technology. Everything in ecommerce keeps shifting.”  What’s trending today may not be trending tomorrow. 


Words of Advice

Clay encourages everyone to be curious, responsible for your own learnings and to ask for what you want. These are tools he obtained through the Compass while working at Tuthill.