Who We Are

Tuthill is a family-owned, privately held global manufacturer of industrial goods specializing in rotating equipment. ​Tuthill has always been a company on the move. From the bricks that built Chicago, to rotating equipment serving ​foundational markets, Tuthill continues to deliver the world products That Really Make a Difference. ​Visit our product line sites to learn more about our pumps, meters, and accessories - and where to buy!

Tuthill is also very fortunate to be in a position of long-term future investments. A team located in our Burr Ridge office dedicates time to finding companies to join our exciting journey of growth to a top 1% company. This acquisition team is continuously looking for companies who share the same values as the Tuthill family along with a strong drive for excellence and growth.

Beyond manufacturing product, Tuthill is serious about investing in the development of its team into the very best they can be, personally and professionally. Our Conscious Company culture attracts and supports the kind of people who understand what our customers want and what they need - the kind of people who listen well and gain trust by following through on each and every commitment they make. The kind of people who are willing to Dare to Create the Uncommon.

Tuthill Business System

The Tuthill Business System (TBS) is modeled after the Toyota Production System and has been popularly described as Lean, Kaizen, TQM, etc. We view TBS as a total business philosophy that instills the discipline and the flexibility to help us prosper.

TBS begins by listening to the "Voice of the Customer" to determine what they value and remove all waste that hinders the delivery of that value. Although this sounds simple it is the relentless pursuit of waste that becomes the challenge. Our leadership is directly involved to ensure we realize this is not a program, but a never ending journey that strives for perfection in everything we do: from the genesis of an idea for a new product to the introduction of that product; from the receipt of an order to shipment of the related product; and from delivery of the original unit to follow-up parts and service.

While team members may come to us with little or no experience in lean manufacturing, Tuthill offers a unique learning experience for all.  Through hands-on events like kaizens, team members from machine operators to front-line sales representatives provide valuable insight, curiosity and ideas on how to improve not only manufacturing processes, but how we do business and build brand value.

Our History

Our journey began in 1892 when James B. Tuthill started a business to manufacture and sell common brick to Chicago construction companies who were fueling the city's rapid expansion.

While searching for an efficient way to lift clay from the bottom of the quarry and deliver it to the kilns where it would become brick, Tuthill came upon its first successful innovation in the pump industry. The product was a small internal gear pump that injected oil directly into the burner of a truck-mounted boiler. This pump eventually became the foundation of Tuthill Pump Company, a separate entity created in 1927.

In 1961 Tuthill purchased Ossian Engineering Company. Today, this business is known as Tuthill Transfer Systems. In 1977 Tuthill Pump Company reorganized to reflect its more diverse business and became Tuthill Corporation. Having entered the pneumatic blower business in 1988 with the acquisition of M-D Pneumatics, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems was formed in 1996 by combining M-D with the newly acquired Kinney Vacuum Company.