What We Do

Tuthill intentionally designs products to serve sustainable markets that support the needs of human life. These markets include chemical, agriculture, construction, power & energy, food & beverage, transportation, and pharmaceutical. Please enjoy viewing a few of Tuthill’s application videos shared below.

While many of Tuthill’s products work behind the scenes in industrial settings, consumers most easily recognize the Tuthill Fill-Rite product line. These are the red pumps spotted on trucks traveling our roadways that are used by farmers around the globe to fuel their farm equipment. Consumers may also spot these pumps on display in local retail (auto, farm supply) stores and available for sale online. Tuthill’s industrial customers have come to know the various blower and pump product lines as being reliable, long-lasting, and backed by great service. Customer’s have shared many stories of Tuthill pumps literally pumping their hearts out for 70+ years!

Magnetically Coupled Pumps Power Slide Stainer

A medical equipment manufacturer in Utah uses Tuthill’s D Series pumps in their hematology slide stainer. The Tuthill pumps spray ink on slides used in clinical diagnostics in hospitals, research facilities, universities and veterinary clinics worldwide. Watch as this long-time customer speaks to ELITechGroup’s history with Tuthill.  

Positive Displacement Blower & Railroad Ties

See how Tuthill’s CP Series blowers are used to create railroad ties out of recycled plastic. This application puts our rotary positive displacement blowers to the test in a hot, dusty environment, while pneumatically conveying the “secret ingredients” in this recycling process.


Fill-Rite’s nextec Intelligence for Fuel Transfer

Tuthill launched nextec Intelligence™ fuel transfer pump in 2018 as the future for the industry. The continuous duty pump takes performance to unprecedented levels by eliminating down time between transfers. It features Intelligent Tones™ to inform customers when attention is needed. The design has set the new standard for efficiency through its more compact, lightweight features and less amp draw.



Blower System in EPA’s Water Treatment Plant

Tuthill’s enclosed blower system was sized to meet the specifications of this water treatment process in Colorado. The plant is removing hazardous materials at EPA Superfund site in the city of Blackhawk where historical mining has decimated the water quality of the creek. Watch how this process improves the local community, on land and in the water!