Career Development

From our hearts to our heads to our hands, we dare to make it better. As part of our conscious company journey, we recognize with unwavering confidence that each and every one of our employees has the potential for greatness.  With a continuous improvement mindset, Tuthill doesn’t just invest in improving our products and processes, we also in invest in improving our people. 


Leadership Retreats

Tuthill has invested a large amount of time in teaching the principles of a conscious company at all levels within the organization. Employees are invited to attend retreats where they sharpen their skills around awareness, responsibility, intention, choice, and impact.

Training/Awaken University

At Tuthill, our belief that we all have the potential to wake the world is reverberated throughout our organization by a special team of people. These people make up what we call "Awaken U." Awaken University is a team of Tuthill employees who help others with the organization discover more about consciousness through training and retreats. They touch on everything from improving our company processes to challenging employees to find their passions.


Tuthill offers coaching through Awaken University that will challenge you and hold you accountable. They will help you to discover for yourself how your choices impact your reality so you can create the life you were born to live.


Individual Development Plans

Managers work with employees to create an Individual Development Plan where employees design their career at Tuthill. They identify the training and skills they need to continuously improve.

Education Assistance

Because we encourage our employees to continue their education and to acquire the skills and knowledge relative for their employment, for their own self-development, and for the benefit of the company, Tuthill may reimburse the cost of tuition, books and fees, towards a degree program or courses in an employee's job specific area, up to $5,000 per calendar year. Employees are eligible to apply for this benefit after six months of continuous employment.

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer volunteer opportunities for our employees throughout Tuthill. We support our local communities and organizations with volunteer hours and resources. Employees may be eligible for two paid and five unpaid days of service with our cause partner(s).